This is the conclusion of a three-part series inspired by students’ and recent graduates’ requests for my advice on how to get a job offers abroad immediately after graduation. The series topics are Before You Leave, Visa Advice and Once You’re There, in that order.

Part 3: Once You’re There

Maintain whatever human capital got you the job.
Native English speaking ability often plays a heavy role in this. If this is the case, make sure you’re really good at English. Listen to Grammar Girl. For me, I knew that my native English speaking ability combined with basic social media knowledge was unique and valuable, so I kept using social media the way I learned to in my Advanced Public Relations Writing course. This landed me a sweet freelancing gig when I wasn’t even looking for one.

Who you hang out with matters.
I recommend a mix of locals and expatriates who plan to stay in your new home for a while. People in the latter group tend to have a positive view of and experience in the local culture but a foreigner’s view on useful matters such as visa issues. Go to a local Tweetup to meet both kinds of friends.

Keep in touch.
In addition to your friends and family, stay in touch with your professional contacts back home, especially the ones who were instrumental in helping you get abroad. Answer the questions of and share your stories with those interested in working abroad.

Throw everyone’s advice out the window…
…including my own. Living abroad requires you to be like bamboo: strong but flexible. So many unexpected things will happen, and your experience and decisions are ultimately your own.