I experienced a steep learning curve during my Weber Shandwick internship because while it wasn’t my first internship, it was my first at an agency. Below are tactics and job duties that I never encountered until agency work and have worked on at both Weber Shandwick and Nyhus Communications:

Emailed pitches:
Depending on the agency and client, pitches can be a more common outreach method to individual journalists than emailed press releases.

Advanced search engine skills:
In school, I learned how to use library resources, including exclusive access databases, to research information. Now, most of my research involves figuring out the most efficient and comprehensive search queries for either inbound coverage alerts or one-off research projects.

Soft skills in prioritizing and time management:
I never knew that time management could be any more systematic than working on tasks my supervisor assigned until they were complete and keeping a to-do list. It’s been important for me to figure out which deadlines I can meet without extensions and what tasks can wait until later.

Other job duties I didn’t have until agency work:
Monitoring incoming media pitching opportunities such as publication editorial calendars, Profnet and HARO

Hunting down background information for briefing documents for spokesperson interviews

Compiling and updating documents for client viewing such as call agendas, detailed coverage reports and metrics, and agency activity reports

Researching and submitting applications for awards and spokesperson event opportunities