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About Beth

I’ve been working on public relations agency teams that do business-to-business public relations for technology companies since October 2010, at Weber Shandwick, Nyhus Communications and now Waggener Edstrom .

One of my specializations is integrating social media into traditional public relations campaigns. Majoring in public relations at the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication and working for two years in Beijing in arts administration and English education had a big impact on my professional development and aspirations.

In addition to my work in technology, I belonged to the agency team that won a national industry award for launching the Washington United for Marriage coalition, the PR News Platinum PR Award in Public Affairs.

My goal as a blogger is to link to and share excellent content, either from other sites or my own real-life experiences. I currently aspire for my blog content to be unique, useful, concise, and focused. When I started this blog, it was about art, China and public relations, and I’m trying to figure out how to evolve its topics along with my career interests and increased specialization within public relations.

I’ve always been curious about China because it’s the world’s most populous country but I didn’t learn much about it in school. In college, I studied Mandarin Chinese as my language required for graduation and studied abroad in Beijing in the fall of 2005. I also took courses in arts administration and considered it a higher priority to get a job after graduation in that field than in public relations. I began blogging as an assignment for my Advanced Public Relations Writing class taught by Tiffany Gallicano my senior year in 2008. At that time, my blog, PR Ninja, was still on public relations and art, but internationalism in general as opposed to China.

The first post-graduation job offer I got and liked, in May 2008, was as a gallery assistant at a contemporary art gallery in Beijing’s famous 798 Art District. I moved to Beijing 11 days after I graduated, then changed my blog to Beijing Duck and replaced the international topic with China to reflect the move. In case you’re not familiar with PAC-12 mascots, the “duck” in Beijing Duck stands for the University of Oregon Ducks.

I eventually moved back to Seattle to start a public relations agency career after I decided that out of public relations, art, and China, public relations was my favorite.  I’ve been focusing on technology as a sector because it has a lot of agency employment options in both China and the part of North America spanning from the Silicon Valley to Vancouver. You can trace my early career evolution through this blog’s content.

I enjoy connecting with people who have read my blog, so feel free to add me on any of the social networks on my About.me profile or contact me by email at beth dot evans 4 at gmail dot com.

Standard PR pro disclaimer: Lots of big companies, including Microsoft, HTC and T-Mobile, are clients of my employer and therefore help me pay my bills. The content on this blog as well as anything else I put online under my name is completely my own, though.

  • Peter levitan

    God china stuff let’s talk sometime. Cool? Me traveling till mid 11/17

  • http://www.afraidoffigs.com Chris Bloomquist aka “CrazyC” from Afraid of Figs

    Hello Beth,

    Hey I just wanted to say thanks and give you a shout out for blogging about your night at the Hard Rock! Man that was a while ago now and we just saw this, but despite that fact that we’re not your style, we appreciate the feedback. The last thing I would have thought for us is “ska” we think of ourselves much more geek rocky like Cake, Presidents, Weezer, etc so it’s interesting what a stranger would say about us.

    If you get a listen, check out our latest album! You may be surprised; half is humorous but the 2nd half of the album is more melodic, talks about heartbreak, making a difference in the world, and may even be a bit dark/driving at times. Love to get your take on our serious side as well. :)

    All the best to you in your career and life and just wanted to shout out. FYI the guys from Late Night Transit DO have a site: http://latenighttransit.com/Late_Night_Transit/Welcome.html. Good guys, great musicians and we’re good friends, I dig them too! :)

    Musically yours,
    CrazyC from Afraid of Figs

  • http://www.guotime.com/ grant

    I grew up in China till college before settling in San Francisco, pin me if u have any questions about China. love to exchange ideas.